The beautiful seaside town of Beachport boasts one of the longest jetties in South Australia, and rarely does a day go by without anglers of all ages trying their luck at landing a prized catch. A relaxed atmosphere prevails at this historic whaling port located on the north-western tip of Rivoli Bay, with the town offering a combination of scenic coastal splendour and opportunities for adventure. Safe swimming abounds at the sandy beaches, with the mild conditions also proving perfect for a range of water sports.

Inland, Lake George is a popular spot for locals and visitors, and is home to a wide variety of bird species including black swans and migratory birds. The Pool of Siloam is unique to Beachport. With a salt concentration seven times greater than the sea, it is an ideal swimming spot creating unusual buoyancy, and has a reputation for its powerful healing properties. Beachport is also a town steeped in history, with museums and historic buildings providing windows to the past. For those keen to step back even further in time, a large midden heap at Three Mile Rocks provides a fascinating reminder of the local Aboriginal heritage.


*Lake George *Salmon Hole & Post Office Rock *Pool of Siloam (Salt Lake)

*Surf Beach *Lighthouse *Wooley's Rock *Durant's Lookout 

*Bowls Club (old railway station) * 3/5 and 10 Mile Beaches *The Jetty 

*Glens Point *Customs House *Lanky's Well *Pony Club *Golf Course 

*The old wool and grain store (museum) *Cinema